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"wts new improve suspension for perodua proton"

Car For Rent - Proton Wira / Daily - Monthly Rent
Proton Wira - ALFON - 012 -9400 -731 Good Condition, well maintained (Insured) Indonesian/Malaysian/Chinese Only RM800/Month
Proton Cars
Proton Cars Najib were meeting the other Asean leaders in KL. As the Proton (Wira and Perdana) sales were not going too well, he took the opportunity to do some hard sell to these guys. Najib: 'Pak Susilo, how many Protons will you be able to buy?'
New Proton Pack Rebreather! Hahahaha!!!!!!
Here is a replica of the Proton Pack from the movie Ghostbusters that I built. This was a picture I took before it was finished. [img][/img]
How to improve putting??
Anyone have any simple drills or methods to improve putting? Using putting mat at home will improve? Is there any putting place that can be freely used n learn putting? Very angry with my putting .. i can 1 on but 4 putts for par 3... haiz...
MPE Suspension enhancement 07 54370084
G'day All, Hope the world is treating everyone well. Knocked the suspension out of Monique last weekend and ran it over to Caloundra to Paul Baericke's MPE suspension shop. Was quoted around the $1000 mark for rebuilds to the forks, inc. new
290 athena big bore or mpfab turbo?
Just trying to get a feeler and opinions going on what you guys think about a big bore kit or turbo, which would you go with and why??? Im doing one or the other on my 2014 after break in just cant decide which....HELP!!!!
Suspension by WER?
Has anybody here had their suspension redone by WER? Works Enduro Rider I know Go Race is the defacto WR² expert but just looking for other options. WER is local to me (I could actually drop off the bike or parts on my way to work) and they seem to ge
Air Suspension - '88 Riviera
Hey everyone. My '88 Rivi comes standard with the Self Leveling Air Struts in the rear. Lately, they havent been working. The compressor still runs, cause I can hear it. But it doesn't pump up the struts anymore. Everytime I hit a small dip in the road th
suspension upgrades
Has anyone installed aftermarket valving ? Although the the stock valving works very well, I am not all that thrilled with how it acts under very harsh almost moto like conditions. the front seems almost spongy after a few laps at the local moto track.
Help with front suspension
I just got a linkpin beam from a 66-67 bus to install in my Bay window. (thanks skunk) I already have a 6" linkpin narrowed beam installed on my Bay, but it is bare inside. I am going to install the trailing arms, bearings and linkpins from the dono
Anyone converted their rear suspension to Monoshock
Hi everybody, was curious to find out if anybody had converted their Cb500's twin shock to a single monoshock rear end? And if so what's a good donor bike? Difificult job?? Cheers
Complete GM F41 suspension upgrade
Ok guys. I've finally put together a complete list of P/N's for a GM F41 suspension upgrade, which I currently have on my car. These parts are all taken from a 2005 Park Avenue Ultra with the optional Sport Handling package. No, it was not standard. As
RZR Suspension seats
For sale - Neri Style Suspension seats for a RZR. One headrest has a puncture, but otherwise these are in excellent shape. Unlike Twisted Stitch and PRP seats that raise and push the driver forward, these seats allow you to sit as low and far back as th
Go Race Suspension
Hey All, I have had the pleasure of working on several WR s. Working towards getting the suspension dialed . We are here to help you and your suspension. Thanks Travis Jones 540-392-0696
Go Race Suspension
I recently spent a few days at Go Race Suspension in Christiansburg Virginia and thought I would share a few thoughts about my experience. I decided to take a week or so of vacation from work and the north east and go on a little road trip. During my
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