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How to improve putting??
Anyone have any simple drills or methods to improve putting? Using putting mat at home will improve? Is there any putting place that can be freely used n learn putting? Very angry with my putting .. i can 1 on but 4 putts for par 3... haiz...
How can I improve my fingerboard on a low budget?
My parents aren't as supporting when it comes to my fingerboarding so all they want to buy me is a Tech Deck Competition Series. I was wondering, are there any cheap ways at which I can improve my deck? Like smoother wheels, or home-made griptape, thanks
Proton Cars
Proton Cars Najib were meeting the other Asean leaders in KL. As the Proton (Wira and Perdana) sales were not going too well, he took the opportunity to do some hard sell to these guys. Najib: 'Pak Susilo, how many Protons will you be able to buy?'
Something strange in the neighborhood...
Who you gonna call? Unmanned but numbered, the number itself has a meaning with the sponsor. If you can't figure it out, for shame I realize the numbers could be wider, but whatever. WIP or complete, IDK which yet.
An athlete's advice on how to improve the Diamond League How to Make the Diamond League Sparkle By Martin Bissinger 2nd September 2010 As the first year of the Diamond League drew to a close last weekend, reviews
Trying to improve consistent 60 ft times with nose heavy 71 convertable
The car in the video below wieghs 4250 with me in it I'm still chasing a decent 60 ft. time this one at Firebird in April was a 1.505 the best its done. In better air it ran 10.12 140
suspension upgrades
Has anyone installed aftermarket valving ? Although the the stock valving works very well, I am not all that thrilled with how it acts under very harsh almost moto like conditions. the front seems almost spongy after a few laps at the local moto track.
Suspension Limiter install
these make for some another nice tool for tuning the suspension i got mine from summit ------ the top nut and bolt i have replaced with a large push button pin to make adjusting much faster in the pits
Help with front suspension
I just got a linkpin beam from a 66-67 bus to install in my Bay window. (thanks skunk) I already have a 6" linkpin narrowed beam installed on my Bay, but it is bare inside. I am going to install the trailing arms, bearings and linkpins from the dono
RZR Suspension seats
For sale - Neri Style Suspension seats for a RZR. One headrest has a puncture, but otherwise these are in excellent shape. Unlike Twisted Stitch and PRP seats that raise and push the driver forward, these seats allow you to sit as low and far back as th
Suspension Guru's
Want to raise the rear (bottomed out on rough stuff last time went out) what's a good recommend height to take the bike to for someone 210lbs (95 KG's) 5-10 (1.79m) Riding - Undulating river tracks, shingle, tarmac. Cheers
interesting suspension read
what do you think DILLIGAS ?
Fork suspension
...another thing. I've noticed a couple of times lately when I've hit a pothole there's been a loud clang. I've pooped myself thinking the tyre has bottomed out and I've ruined my rim, but no sign of any damage. So I'm assuming it was the fork reaching th
Lower Suspension Brace
There are a couple out there. This might be a mod to consider when adding power. I understand that it really makes a difference in handling especially when combined with a tower brace. Anyone have a home made one to show off? Any ideas? Is this
rear suspension (AKA baselinesuspensions ) any one use this stuff on here? how does it work for ya?
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