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wrx adventure bike
Monday i'm heading out on a 4 day ride into n. Az & s. Ut. So i got the wr all set up.. at least for now. I went with the roto pax for extra fuel, am using my old panniers & seat cover from my drz adventure bike. bought a mirror on ebay. it
How does your Postcode rate for bike thefts
The Carole Nash Theft Survey - 2011 might be of interest. I'm pleased to see my postcode area has dropped from joint 14th last year to 18th place, however the worst area SW is only 3 miles from me and Sutton at 9th (up from 51 ) is 5 odd miles away.
Sherco 290 Trials Bike for sale
Well decided to part with my bimbler. I've not been useing it much lately, so she may as well go. She's in good condition with all bearings and seals perfect. Not rust or dings either, just some wear from use as expected got her on the dreaded bay
Bike I.D please (not sure if its even a FB)
Hi Guys, I brought this bike a year or so ago but put it to the back of the shed when the merlin came along. i was told when i brought it it was a Francis barnett Trials but i have been unable to ID it. There doesn't seem to be a frame number on the
Picked up my new bike Friday
After much research & the opinions of people on the site I traded my Ducati on a new Blue 1250FA. Had mixed emotions watching the salesman start up the Duke & ride it round the back of the shop, had it looking a million bucks for the trade in
Name for your bike
is your bike have name? someone told me i have to get name for my cat. i have 65 years old friend i am working with him, that man have bike all live and he said my bike must have name couse every bike have a soul. What do you think about that? is your
Genuine T5 Volkswagen bike rack
Just a quick post to save you time if you decide to buy the Genuine VW bike rack to fit to a T5 Trident I purchased one yesterday as I liked the look of it although it was nearly double the price of the Fiamma at 463 pounds, I fitted it this morning and
Just grabbed a Sunday and the rear links are roached and bearings are fried. So i ordered new bearings frames off to powdercoat tomorrow so i need these parts. If anyone has a line on some hit me uip, I can get by with a rear axle fora a 05/06 frame set
Just the Best. Bike. Ever. With pics!
I've had dozens of motorcycles over the last 32 years. I just finished a weekend bashing around single track, twisty roads, mud, and huge boulders on my WRR. Today I spent an hour cleaning the chain, the air filter and changing the oil and oil
New Bike Pics
Thought id share some pictures of my new bike. Hopefully its straight lol. Bought some bike stands, oil and filter and new wing mirror however this weather is really putting me off...
My Bike will not start
Hi Guys My K100 has decided not to start, the ignition lights are all illuminated, the battery has life but when I push the starter button....Nada..nothing ..not even a whimper. I tried putting power to the starter direct and this turned the engine
Baz's Snowy ride Jan 2012
I tend to stay away from the snowy when there are 2,500 other motorcyclists on the road and last Wednesday morning I decided I needed to get away, so without much thought as to packing, I did take wet weather gear which was only used on my return into
trials, scrambler, grass tracker, field bike tuning
hello this is my first post on this forum. my name is jake and i have a bsa bantam d7 scrambler. i was hoping there would be someone on this forum who could tell me how to tune the engine. more for scramblering. i also have to keep it pre 65. regards.
Skeleton Bike
Even the skeleton bike is on the darkside. Looks like the radiator should look like a tombstone?
SV650 Track Bike
Hi all, as a bit of inspiration to encourage more people to get out and try a trackday, I thought I'd show off some pics of our track bike. I know it's not exactly Bandit related but it is a Suzuki and as a moderator I can post whatever I want . This is
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