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WTS - coverset tzm
rasanya dh smpi waktunya utk jual coverset ni.. yg ni rm30..sebelah rm15..cun lg..xdak bhagian major yg patah..msih berfungsi dgn baik.. kepala rm30..yg itam tu rm10 je laa..kepala sangat cun..apa pn x patah..yg itam tu cacat cket leh
Small Room (RM300) + Medium Room to rent (RM400)
The unit is located in Block B, 9th floor. -Can move in by March 2011. Quiet and simple environment. Fridge + water machine are provided. In the middle between SetiaJaya KTM and Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. Quite a handful of facilities are
cover set r6 fibre untuk tzm
a'kum...... iklan nie aku jumpa dlm mudah kalau korang berminat bolehla contact shermannsixk 013-3309477 lokasi n9 price : rm 800 tak termasuk penghantaran... gambar :
Coverset R6 (Fiber)
Bro kalu sapa2 yg nak ler, coverset R6 fiber, ekor dgn muka, bg la aku brape2 pun, kalu sapa nak, dah beli ekor baru, nak jual la yg tu wa beli aritu Rm400
Pics Added - Khumo KL71 33 12.5 R15's x 4
I have four of the afformentioned tyres for sale on steel wheels. They all have an excellent amount of tread depth and as I'm already running the 235/85 versions I can attest to the fact that they are well behaved on road and effective off road! I'll
Changing wheels from stock to 15"
G'day to all mates. I plan to plan to swap the stock 14's (185/60 r14) to 15's because I find the stock wheels too low and they dont fill the wheel wells enough. My question is: what size tires do I use for the 15? 185/55 r15? 185/55 r15? 195/55
Aprillia 125 Ori Coverset
Salam semua warga TZM Frenzy Sesiapa yang ingin convert M masingĀ² kpd AP125 saya ada beberapa set part AP125 original Made In Italy, harga tertakluk kepada pertukaran mata wang semasa, sila sms saya di 0199040864 jika berminat. TQ's
??? General Altimax HP 205/65/R15 Tire ???
I was wondering if anyone on here has a General Altimax HP 205/65/15 On the VTX. I'm going darkside,soon as I can find a tire that I like (the looks mostly). Right now my bike is setting,needing a new tire,so why not darkside today.... Thanks alot for
Will 295/55R m/t radial 15 fit a fox body
Will the 295-55-15 28x12.5x15 mickey thompson drag radial fit a fox body without tubbing i already beet the inner fenders in with a bfh i have 15x9 draglites with 6.5 backspacing what yall think im getting these or 275-60-15
Pics of your darkside/wideside
Hello fellow darkers & widesiders, will be changing my tire soon, already have about 6K on original dunflop and am thinking to go wide/darkside on it. Have '06 1300R and am start thinking what kind of tires did you guys bought/mount on your
For Sale: General Grabber 205/70R15 Brand New
I have a brand new General Grabber UHP 205/70R15 tire mounted once but the bead would not seat, not pressurized over 50 psi. Make a reasonable offer, purchased for less that $72 delivered. Richard (aka. RIKI)
upgrade from 15" to 16" tyres
I'd like to ask how can I upgrade my tyres as I need to maximize my tyre size to more than15" inches and 185/65 but I heared that any other size will damage my speed gauge as it will change the raduice of the wheel, so if any one has information
9" 73-77 GM A-Body Bolt-In Housing 9" 73-77 GM A-Body Bolt-In Housing $745 Complete w/ Axles, Axle Bearings, Studs, & Retainers - $365 Housing Only (Brackets Installed) - ADD $30 for Moser
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