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Aprillia 125 Ori Coverset
Salam semua warga TZM Frenzy Sesiapa yang ingin convert M masingĀ² kpd AP125 saya ada beberapa set part AP125 original Made In Italy, harga tertakluk kepada pertukaran mata wang semasa, sila sms saya di 0199040864 jika berminat. TQ's
E-body rear end ??
I have read thru the forum and cant find the measurements I need to compare to the original rear of my 58. I have a guy who has several rear ends for sale and I was told by several people that the E-body rear end is a direct swap ? I plan to get the rear
Under Body Coating
Yo yo yo. Anyone have the under body of their Riv sprayed with sealant/plastidip/that R stuff to protect it? I have this near mint Florida Riv and I am thinking of ways to protect it from the salt and weather n stuff. Any feedback on the
body mounts for 73 chevelle??
Hi everyone! I would like to know if anyone has any recent info about the body mount bushings for a 73 chevelle -i'm not shure but is it possible that the core support and the 4 front body ones are the same? I took a parts car off it's frame and my
Has anyone made a camper out of a B body wagon?
I'm throwing around the Idea of making a camper out of a RMW after seeing a tear drop camper trailer. Don't know if I'll ever have the time, but I'm trying to figure out a cool (different) way to have a camper, just a place for 2 adults to sleep, and b
Body kits
I think a body kit may be my next purchase. Although I was talking to my wife and she says "You can do what ever you want to your car, or you can trade it in. I know you like the RSpec." What!? Damn if I don't like the way these Sonatas look
Bypassing the F-body/Corvette accessories
Allright here's my solution to this problem... To get the LS Intake on the 4.8/5.3/6.0 motors, I ran into the problem of the water snout on the truck motor sticking up and interfering with the throttle body. No big deal, I get the C5 Corvette water pump
Write-Up: F-Body Brake Mod
anyone know if the F-Body brake kit will work on a riviera? the 96's have 11" rotors and the 97+ have 12" IIRC. i just want to be able to stop better! i need new rear rotors b/c mine are getting thin and warped. do you think new Brembo rears wil
pypes cat back dual exhaust for impala on B/C body?
I was wondering if any of the wagon guys have put one of these on their wagon? I'm thinking about getting one for my cadillac since my exhaust is crappy and rusting and was wondering if anybody can share
'92 OCC (or any B-body), anyone ever change an A.C Condenser?
I haven't verified it yet, but I may be plagued with the early style disappearing condenser. The FM make it look like an ugly job, any comments from anyone? Thanks Jim
F-Body PCM already programmed and tuned for a 944 conversion
I bought a F-body PCM from and he programmed for the conversion with the correct final drive ratio, manual gearbox, 40 tooth VSS, retain mass airflow and 25 inch rear tires, all of the emissions removed and rear O2 sensors
Body paint
My logan is 2 month old model is 1.4 gle, colour is jawa brown.First service done in koncept okhala new delhi on26th may.I insist them to change the engine oil and in front of me they change the engine oil ( mahindra maxima) .oil filter also changed after
Body kit - for sale or swap...
Hi I've taken the fibreglass body kit off my 1995 Hiace camper van (LH113 long-wheel-base model). The kit's in OK condition. A few small cracks here and there. I would respray it. I'm looking to replace with a standard front and rear
95 RMW whole body
its from the firewall back, all dors, tailgate, nice tan limited ?? interior, 293 posi rear...$500 gets it mark 352.229.2577 its not at my house but i have pics from the accident from a year ago
'79 - '85 E-body Front end
Edit: This is in response to a question from Cadillacman in his Wecome thread. I put it here in Suspensions rather than Engines & Trannies because it also has to deal with steering components. Danny, I don't have a Caddy, I've got 2 Rivieras
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