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Hardwood flooring recommendations (Ottawa/Kanata)
We are getting quotes on getting h/w floors. We've got two quotes and want to get a third -- either Home Depot or Flooring Canada. Both require you to come in -- they won't make an appointment over the phone for an estimate. Does anyone have a
Hardwood Kings *AAU* basketball tryout for 1999 & 1998 Boys
HARDWOOD KINGS ELITE ~ 2013 - 2014 Date: Monday September 16, 2013, 8:00-10:00 pm Place: Sandalwood Heights S.S.  2671 Sandalwood Pkwy East, Brampton, Date: Wednesday September 18, 2013, 8:00-10:00 pm Place: Central Peel S.S. 32 Kennedy Roa
What a 66-Year-Old Houdini of the Hardwood Does In His Spare Time
Go to this site, advance to the 7:15 mark, watch carefully, and enjoy. From the 1994 movie, "Blue Chips." Sam
Hardwood Queens U12 Girls Basketball Tryout
Brampton's newest OBA Girl's Team When:. Thursday September 19, 2013 Where: Fernforest Public School, 275 Fernforest Dr. (Sandalwood & Fernforest) Girls will be trained by Fitzroy Lightbody, one of Canada's top coaches and trainers. * player
England Lions v Sri Lanka 'A'
England batting. Root picked. Ben Stokes is fit again and i'm surprised he's not playing in this game.
My girls on the hardwood
Hardwood Kings 99/2000 Boys Rep/CYBL TRY-OUT
1999 & 2000 -- BOYS - HARDWOOD KINGS BASKETBALL - CYBL – TRYOUT 2014-2015 Season WHEN: Thursday September 11, 2014 TIME: 8 – 10pm WHERE: Brampton Soccer Centre, 1495 Sandalwood Parkway East, Brampton ON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •
HardWOOD Fingerboards: Official Thread.
This is my new HardWOOD setup. The boards are only 10$ each! pic one up today! all boards come with a free piece of grip! Deck: HardWOOD blank Trucks: Blue X3 Ytrucks Wheels: Black China Wheels Tape: China
Shakespeare Big S
I found a shop with a few Shakespeare original Big S lures selling for 2 quid a piece so I bought a few. I didn't realise they still did them. I tried one out on the braid and the vibration is awesome. Just need a toothy mother to take a shine to one
countdown to the big 4-0
welcome to the club wheat 6 days and counting till youre officially too old to do anything moderately cool. Got anything planned for the big day? Anyone bought you a colonoscopy?
Big Rock Off Road, Maysville, KY
Have any of you guys ridden at Big Rock in Maysville, KY? I'm thinking of rolling over there one weekend for an overnighter since it's so close, but I'd like a little feedback from you guys. Is it worth a 2.5 hour drive? The don't have full camper hook
Big Boa Feb18
Nice fattty boa 175lbs 30 min hunt right off da truck, dogs all cherry, screeming emm first day i wen use 1 garmin, neva really need em dat hunt, but meen got 2 try em [img][/img]
Big E Langston - he's strong and fast and...he's being groomed by Cena
Vince McMahon is said to be very high on Big E Langston these days and is all for pushing him to the top. However, Triple H has suggested that they take things with a slower approach, letting Langston work off Dolph Ziggler for as long as possible. It
1994 Caprice wagon parts ...Updated with pics.
I've got the opportunity to take some parts off my old wagon, a light blue, no wood, 1994 Caprice wagon with a blue cloth int. crank windows, no power locks, and manual seats. I don't think I will have much time to pull off parts, but I have free reign as
big pussy
ill bet this thing gets through a few tins of kit e kat
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