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What a 66-Year-Old Houdini of the Hardwood Does In His Spare Time
Go to this site, advance to the 7:15 mark, watch carefully, and enjoy. From the 1994 movie, "Blue Chips." Sam
My girls on the hardwood
HardWOOD Fingerboards: Official Thread.
This is my new HardWOOD setup. The boards are only 10$ each! pic one up today! all boards come with a free piece of grip! Deck: HardWOOD blank Trucks: Blue X3 Ytrucks Wheels: Black China Wheels Tape: China
England Lions v Sri Lanka 'A'
England batting. Root picked. Ben Stokes is fit again and i'm surprised he's not playing in this game.
1994 Caprice wagon parts ...Updated with pics.
I've got the opportunity to take some parts off my old wagon, a light blue, no wood, 1994 Caprice wagon with a blue cloth int. crank windows, no power locks, and manual seats. I don't think I will have much time to pull off parts, but I have free reign as
El Árbol del Tule - Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca
About 9km outside of the City of Oaxaca is the town of Santa Maria del Tule and the historic tree - El Árbol del Tule. It is believed by many that this is the oldest tree in the world with estimates ranging from 1200 to 3000 years. The Zapotecs believe
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