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For Sale: Pypes Off Road X-Pipe for 05+ GT
Barely used. Has less than 50 miles on it. Simple bolt on. I was forced by the military base police where I work to "find your cats cuz we can't!" Pypes 409 Stainless Steel Off-Road X-Pipe (2005+ GT) Model #20010 I paid $169 shipped from American
For sale: Highspeed pipe for raider 150
For sale: Highspeed pipe for raider 150 Price: 5,500 Call/txt: 09178473477 / 09272255743 Location: San,pedro pacita... Read more:
Getting springs with 20 inch wheels and NP mid-pipe & NP cat-back ?
So I'm thinking about getting springs. Two concerns I have are will my tires rub and will the exhaust scrape. I'd really hate to drop it and have either of those happen. Does anyone here have the same set up as me ? If not all suggestions would be
For Sale: Mio / Nouvo Pipe - Namban and DBS Orig.
Mio / Nouvo Pipe For Sale Namban ands DBS Orig. Actual Picture Will Be posted Later Namban - 3k DBS - 2k 09052786815 Binan,laguna area
FOR SALE: namban pipe v2 stg2 for mio... PRICE: 3.500 only... LOCATION: san pedro, laguna pacita complex CALL/TXT: 09272255743 ...2weeks ko p lng n gamit sariwang sariwa wlang gasgas..fix price n poh..
SWAP : MY DBS Carbon to Namban v2 / HISPEEDv2 Raider150 Pipe
Add na Lang Cash ang Namban v3 ! Straight Swap sa Hi Speed v2 ! sa DBS Carbon ko ! Original Lang po No Class A Swap Salamat Namban v3 Hi Speed v2 ITO po YUNG Pipe ko
Wanted: Extra pipe (open or stock)
mga papi baka may extra pipe kayo dyan.. open or stock preferably from honda wave.. ikakabit ko lang dun sa nirerestore ko na motorstar 125 ko.. thanks thanks.. you may text me at 09228471258.. thanks ulit..
Header collectors - extensions, X-pipe or nothing.....
Right now I have a set of 2" primary Super comps, 3.5" collectors with turn downs on the ends to keep the exhaust off the floor boards. Would I gain anything if I extended the collectors with straight pipe or would an X pipe help any??. I'm also
WIP Homemade Half Pipe
Hello, Im going to build a half pipe. Tell me what you think of the sketch I made. [img][/img] Size: 21" long, 8 1/2" wide, 7 1/2" deep. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or ideas for me. Like bigger or smaller, taller or shorter. I
BOV in different area
Is it just me!!! I have not seen the bov here before. Is it better in this area?
Sluice design from pvc pipe
Hi, guys toying with an idea about a sluice made from large pvc pipe, Maybe 200mm diameter. My thought is that i can glue ribbed matting in it easily, its light weight, and you can join sections together making it ideal to carry on long walks. 3x600mm
Word of Warning-Brake Servo Pipe
Hi Yesterday I fitted some Daylight Running Lights into the front bumper of the Trident After I'd finished I was nipping into town and got 5 yards up the road when I realised I had no brakes. The brake pedal would not depress. So lifted the bonnet found
Pipe for Bandit
I have studied you tube looking for a 1250 Bandit with a Staintune pipe fitted, has anyone used one and how did it sound? Staintune are having a stock run out at half price sale but if all else fails I'll get a Leo Vince from the States. Cheers!
Wanted: Stock tire and stock pipe raider 150 NB??
looking stock tire and stock pipe raider 150 NB?? calauan laguna.... 090 9742 5966
For Sale: DBS pipe for Wave or XRM with pictures
DBS pipe for Wave or XRM for sale 750Php Smooth and in good condition Alagang alaga po... 2 months ko lang nagamit 1,500 ang bili ko. RFS: Pipe upgraded Laguna Area txt me 09275703596 call me (02)843-8650 / (02)5844458 look
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