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St. Anselm looking for asst. coaches for football.
On the offensive side of the ball no less. Would I throw my name in the ring if I was a certain high profile EX high school coach who happens to live in Manchester. Oh yeah the incoming qb played his high school football where, oh thats right Bishop
Italian Football ................. not so dead and buried.
Italian football has been much maligned over the last couple of years since Inter won the Champions league in 2010, however it looks like calcio is looking up again. All 3 teams in the Champions League group stage were comfortably through Inter winning
Di Canio .The football hooligan
I hope it's incorrect.On a NUFC board,they are saying he was a soccer hooligan.No idea where its come from mind.
Well its one way of dealing with football hooligans
Egypt court sentences 21 to death for football stadium disaster An Egyptian court has sentenced to death 21 people accused of involvement in the Port Said football stadium disaster in which 74 people were killed last year. The judge read out a lis
I know its not football but
Just announced that The Sunderland Echo is to be printed in Sheffield with the Sunderland printing plant closing. Shipbuilding,gone Vaux, gone Glass works,gone Echo printing,gone. Just pisses me off.
Running A Football Team
Came across these 2 examples from a website based down London way. 2 stories from 2 different clubs. Sunday mornings are a nightmare as it is. As soon as I get up, my missus says: “Ooooh, it’s started, it’s Sunday,” as I respond to a barrage of text
**** The Net! ****
Yellow & Black is back!!!!!! Next season But the refurbished offices & club shop will have to be white because of planning
Bình luận 06/08/11: LXFC - D&D FC 0 - 0
LXFC - D&D FC: 0 - 0 MỘT CHIẾN THẮNG BỊ ĐÁNH MẤT ! Hôm nay là một trận đấu đặc biệt được xem như trận đấu chúc mừng sinh nhật đội phó Rainy (05/08). Với ý nghĩa đặc biệt như vậy, ông chủ tịch và ông chủ club đã có mặt tại sân vận động Đạt Đức rất
Tim Ream and Andy Kellett nominated for Northwest Football awards
Tim Ream and Andy Kellett have both been nominated in categories for the annual MBNA Northwest Football Awards. Ream, named as club and Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Association Player of the Year, is up for the Sky Bet Championship Player of the Year.
Global Athletic FC 4 - 3 Blaby Vikings FC
Frustrating start for the Vikings but not too disappointed overall. Thanks to all from Global, good bunch of lads with 2 good forwards. The game was played in good spirit throughout. We'll have you at our place, so long as our forwards take their
Should football matches be free to watch?
This idea only just sprang to my brain a moment ago so not thought it through fully yet.  Anyway would it be possible for a club or ALL clubs too function whilst not having an entry fee for games? And would people be more poor less likely to
Idea on TV Payments
I dont mean to start a new thread...but I have done already so it's too late now. What if Paul was to reward managers that opted to take their TV money over the course of the season rather than in a lump sum? for example a) £20m in a lump sum
Craig MacGillivray signs new 18 month deal!
As seen here
Resignation - Magna 73 Rangers
I regret to advise that I have just received, with immediate effect, the resignation of Magna 73 Rangers. Their playing record in both the Premiership and the Arthur Moore Cup will be expunged in due course and the tables restated
CFB FC Divas Looking for players
Before I start please no hating!! Our girls play hard just like yours We are looking for a couple players to complete our roster. We will give competitive play a shot and see what happens. So if it doesn't work out with those great experienced club
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