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Dragster Facts
A friend posted this link on facebook. I thought it was interesting stuff What a rush! No rocket or airplane in the world accelerates from a standing start as fast as a Top Fuel dragster or funny car. Here are some amazing facts: • One Top Fuel
Top Dragster qualifing at Bristol
All BBF's are in the show after the 2nd round. 5] Craig Sullivan 8] D. Stott 17] P. Oakley 24] L. Conolty 28] C. Stanley Vehicle ET Speed 1. Eddie Careccia Horton 6.198
JR Dragster sale or trade
Could use some cash to support my other projects. Make offers. check it out here 3500 obo
dragster guys ???
do we have any dragster guys wanting to make the trip to us 43 ???? just thinking out loud here ...... what kind of times do kristina and the bbf dragster clan run ??
Hi-lift jacks?
When shopping for hi-lift jacks what exactly do you look for? mainly what are advantages disadvantages of the various heights? what size do you carry? what in order of priority are the best accessories to get for the jack not including a mount?
Wrecked the dragster tonight... Pics Added 5-1-11
Well, it wasnt the outcome we were expecting. One the fourth pass the car drifted out of the groove, hooked left and barrel rolled several times. It'll need a front clip and a cage top for sure. It also broke off the right front wheel and tore up both
Any body here have a 4 link DRAGSTER?
I have alot of question on the 4 link dragster deal. I've had a hard tail car for years and purchased a Division Champion car. we just can't get this thing to cut PRO light in Super comp. Ace
Down swept dragster headers
Just like the title says. Looking for dragster down swept headers for older A460 heads or newer Just send me a PM and I will respond Ace
Rolling Dragster set up BBF T/D - S/C - Bracket ( Pics )
2001 Sarmento hard tail with standard length glide. The engine placement will allow 2 or 3 speed . The main reason we had the car built this way was to 4 Link it in the future. This chassis works extremely well and there's no need at this point. The
Installed the engine in the dragster today....
Also got the starter clocked and installed. Flexplate installed. Also modified the fuel pump mount for my Magnafuel pump and got it installed and wired. Next it's time to make a list of fittings to finish the fuel and water plumbing then I can light it
Loner Dragster 1/16 scale
Hi all, Just finished this one this morning,a few challenging moments, and learned a few new swear Overall i am happy the way it came out. Thanks also to Probee for this kit . please enjoy. Cheers Marshie
Dragster guys. What are you running for a trans overflow can?
Looking to see what types of catch cans you dragster guys are running on your transmissions. I'd prefer something that mounts on the pan rail, but space is limited on the sides. Do you guys have a can that mounts on the front or rear rails? Thanks
Brackets for Alternator on Dragster
Just bought a 2010 American Dragster and does not have a Alternator on it. I would like to run the small one wire race Alternator. Anybody have pictures and know who makes the brackets. It looks like a good spot would be left lower as the air pump and
225" Spitzer dragster T/K or roller SOLD!
Sold the rolling chassis, but still have the engine, trans, headers, 15x15 Alumnastars, etc. I finally decided that there was no way to keep both the dragster and the Falcon, so the dragster has to go. The car ran 4.68 at the first Bash and has
Lift Springs?
Ok so Ive installed several bracket lift kits but I believe lift springs are my better option now for some reasons. I have a 07 rhino and i only want a inch or two better ground clearance instead of the "bracket" style lift that is 3 inches. If
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