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Dragster Facts
A friend posted this link on facebook. I thought it was interesting stuff What a rush! No rocket or airplane in the world accelerates from a standing start as fast as a Top Fuel dragster or funny car. Here are some amazing facts: • One Top Fuel
front engine dragster chassis
i have built a few of these things, this is one extra i had started for a guy and then we went a different route so it has been sitting around. it is all tacked together, just needs welded up, and the chassis will be done. then its just motor trans
Hi-lift jacks?
When shopping for hi-lift jacks what exactly do you look for? mainly what are advantages disadvantages of the various heights? what size do you carry? what in order of priority are the best accessories to get for the jack not including a mount?
Slingshot dragster
I figured I would get this build thread started. I am still in the parts finding/ design stage of this one, but snapped a pic of the mock up for a teaser. I have alot of parts coming in for the gilson build and will try to get that one done before getting
Chassis reseach TE 448 front engine dragster chassis's
i am building some more front engine dragster chassis. 1.750, and 3 in welded seam 11 ga. tubing, rotary bent. i offer them mig, ir tig welded. these are bare chassis but i can take it farther if need be. more pics upon request. thanks for looking pre
Lift Springs?
Ok so Ive installed several bracket lift kits but I believe lift springs are my better option now for some reasons. I have a 07 rhino and i only want a inch or two better ground clearance instead of the "bracket" style lift that is 3 inches. If
Motorcycle jack versus Motorcycle lift.
Hi, There is a Canadian hardware store chain that is offering a motorcycle jack on-sale at the moment. It looks like this: The beauty of this jack is the price ($60) and the small size which makes it easy to store when not in use. Would this
Hi Lift jack for UTV.
The off road jack company makes their UTV debut. Hi-Lift UTV Jack to Debut at SEMA Show in Las Vegas Hi-Lift UTV Jack The “original power tool” of the off-road market is now available to meet the ever-increasing demands of the UTV market
High Lifter 5” Lift Kit for 2011 Polaris 900 RZR XP
SHREVEPORT, LA -- April, 2011 - High Lifter Products Inc., the leader in custom aftermarket ATV accessories and products, today announced its newest addition to the lift kit lineup. The High Lifter 5” Signature Series Lift Kit for the 2011 Polaris 900 RZ
New Garage - Lift Installed
I've had a dream for a long time to build my own shop/garage. I wanted a place where I don't have to share bays with kids toys, bikes, or the dirt that comes with opening and closing the door multiple times a day. When looking for a new place to live a fe
Advice Motorbike Lift?
Looking into buying a motorbike lift and would value any advice and/or recommendations. This is what I've found so far that is within my price range. " /> $150 (Waiting on shipping cost) " /> $120 (Waiting on shipping
A Basic but Strong Lift, for Your Tractor (based on a homebuilt subaru lift).
A simple way to lift your tractor: Take 1" square steel stock, cut into lengths just longer than the 2 mount holes for your rear end. I know some have 2 (or even 3) sets of mounts so this exact length may vary. take a marker, spray paint or othe
EMP RZRS Lift Kit?
Anyone out there bought and used one of these yet? Looks like Racer Tech's. "Cooter Brown" RZR-S & RZR-4 Lift Kit [10685 "Cooter Brown" RZR] $209.99 "Cooter Brown" Polaris RZR-S
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