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need help re wiring 18 hp briggs vanguard vtwin
i need some serious help re wiring my vanguard vtwin. there are so may wires for saftey switches and wires i just dont need. how do i wirre it up to start, shutoff, and charge my battery?
Does anyone have a wiring for a 12.5 briggs I/C from a Craftsman II?
I have a Briggs 12.5 model 286707-0441-01 that I got out of my friends Craftsman II. I put it in my Murray and now I need to wire up a key switch. I have the old wiring harness but need to know what wires do what. There is a black wire coming from the
How do I wire up a Briggs and Stratton 12hp?
I have no clue how to hook up my 12hp Briggs. I only need to hook up the ignition key, the throttle and the lights
Help me please with the electrical wiring diagram
Hi, I'm new here I don't know if this is the right section to post my problem. However, I have a problem with my 1993 SC 3L engine with its electrical wiring since it was converted from right hand to left hand drive, the wiring seemed to be messy there's
8.5 hp Briggs Snoblower Surges then Dies
Ok, so yet again, I've got a busted engine. It's a 2006 Briggs&Stratton 8.5hp OHV mounted on a Craftsman snow blower. It starts first pull, and runs ok for a bit. Then after about a minute, it starts surging, and then after another minute, it
Briggs and Stratton 14.5 hp rear engine help?
Have Briggs and Stratton 14.5 hp rear engine electric start snapper lawn mower. The hose that runs from inside air filter box and into the block cracked. Replaced hose and bought new air filter. Now I can't get it to crank. I'm charging my battery no
Wire diagram for most B&S engines
This wire diagram will work for a big majority of Lawn Tractors with a B&S engine. This is the wire set up i got in my tractor and i like it. /t1968-racing-lawn-tractor-mean-rabbit ][/img] PS: If you use the teather switch when you are done, un
Looking for a wiring diagram for 1991 nissan 240sx ka24de
Need help finding a wiring diagram so i can hook up the new afc. Thanks
11 1/2 hp briggs flat head / 18 1/2 opposed twin question also
i have a question, when i dump the clutch my engine acts if it tries to die before grabbing hold [ if that makes sense} its a flat head briggs 11 1/2 hp. it does this as i start to climb a steep hill also just as i let out on the clutch. any ideals? als
12.5 hp briggs and stratton flathead and i turn the key over and the motor spins but doesn't want to start
Its a 12.5 hp briggs and stratton flathead and i turn the key over and the motor spins but doesn't want to start. ive tried doing everything using the choke and starting fluid, but it won't idle by itself, i have no idea why please help.
Briggs Charging Modification?
I have your standard Briggs Dual Circuit alternator on the MULE. Two outputs off the alternator. One remains AC for lighting, one gets clipped to DC with a diode for charging. What if- I were to ditch the diode, and run both circuits through the input
19hp briggs twin problem
I have a 19 hp briggs twin on my offroader and ever since I did an oil change on it if you have it running off choke, even warmed up, it surges like crazy and will only run correctly with a little bit of choke. I tried to adjust the carb and had someone
12.5hp vanguard
i can buy a 12.5hp briggs vanguard for 50 bucks it ran when removed 2 years ago good or bad deal?
Can you mod a mower with a 16.5hp Briggs to go fast?
can a 16.5 briggs push a mower to around 40 mph and still be able to trail ride with gov attached have a 5 speed transaxle to go with it i know the safty concerns upgrade brakes steering and etc i know most peaple lock the front but i have other ideas
Does anyone know what kind of charging system is on this 1995 12HP Briggs?
Hey guys. Does anyone know what kind of charging system this is? Its a 1995 12HP Briggs and I'm doing a motor swap to a 13 hp with a dual circuit.
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