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"ace cafe don t know about the coffee tho"

scones and coffee ?
Scone run on again Sunday week (Mt Mee ) Details coming . Book it in .
Arbol de Cafe Coffee Shop
I went by there today to get my usual supply of green coffee beans to roast, but they were closed. Anybody know their hours - they are just closed on Sundays I hope? I seem to remember something about an attempt at kidnapping or extortion but that he
Going out of business sale - Cafe Adoria
CASA ADORIA is CLOSING Friday, November 25th Total Liquidation now in process. Chairs, tables, plants and planters Semi precious stones for jewelry makers. Jewelry and Blow Out on Shawls! Mon to Fri 10 til 5 Constitucion 75 . The Red House Caf
PICS! Cars and Coffee Austin (Leander) TX 4/3/11
Hi All! Had a really good time at Cars and Coffee today. My Uncle Lloyd decided to come over with my Dad, and my wife decided she wanted to go too. My younger brother Dave showed up at my house as well. Dad and Uncle Lloyd took my Roady
Mt Mee Scone run.
Well, I decided I wanted some scones. So obviously a ride to Mt Mee was in order. I left home at 0550 ( 20 minutes later than planned) and refueled at Tiaro (216k). Next planned fuel stop was D'aguilar. The servo had no unleaded, none, WTH. So anyway I
Cars and Coffee Austin (Leander Texas) 11/28/10
The kiddo and I went to Cars and Coffee today. Really a good time, and some amazing cars. We got to park the Roadmaster with all the Corvettes, and it got a lot a good comments and attention. Weather warmed into the 70's too, thank goodness. Got
The Bar & The Restaurant
Food and drinks also here welcome!
CB 500 cafe racer
Hello everyone, Has any of you tried to transform a CB500 into a cafe racer?  I recently sold my `04 Hornet 600 and i`m looking for a bike with `cafe racer potential`, but I  want something that doesn't require a capital restoration  Last year I've
I'm In Love With A Coffee Bean.
Heres a topic I bet no one has covered before. I have a good friend here on the " Rock " who works on freight ships that do the PNG area. He just came back from a stint and brought me back some coffee beans from Laos. It is called Dao coffee.
Green Coffee Beans
Does anyone know of a source to purchase Green Coffee Beans in Chapala area?
K100 restoration cafe-racer style
Having spent many months looking for a project I recently purchased a  K100 RT that needs work.  (Built 10-1984) The seller had inherited it as an incomplete rebuild. It was not running and it was not clear what parts were missing . The price was good so
Nice place for a coffee .
But finding this parked next to my bike was even better.
BMW K75 goes cafe racer
The parts have arrived and tear down has begun. Parts ordered so far are as follows; Koso North America Tach/Speedo, Woodrich Clip Ons, 7" Round Halogen Light with mounting brackets, new LED blinkers, and a radiator cover for a naked k75 I am still
Lay Off The Coffee!
From the " ya just can't make this stuff up" department: No more coffee for him
Lots of Pics, Cars and Coffee Austin (Leander) TX, 3/6
Hi All, Really good Cars and Coffee meet today. Gorgeous weather in the high 60's, big turn out. My friends Laird and Brian came in Laird's 67 Beetle, my friend Rob from work showed up, and my good friends Rich and Robbi drove all the way out from
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